We have chosen to become certified installers of LiveRoof because it is a PROVEN, patented hybrid green roof system installed on nearly 4 million square feet and over a thousand projects worldwide.  Building owners trust LiveRoof because they stand behind their products, and we stand behind our installation services, providing customers with the best overall value for the life of the roof.  LiveRoof systems offer a variety of plant options, with four system depths (of 2.5″ to 8″).   LiveRoof has a broad catalog of RoofTop Proven™ plant selections, many of which were bred and selected specifically for the rigors of a rooftop environment.


Their patented “hybrid” modular system combines the best features of all existing types of green roofing:

  • LiveRoof provides the Natural Function and Natural Beauty of “built in place” layered green roof systems but without the extensive ongoing costs of maturation.

  • LiveRoof offers the speed of installation of modules but without grid lines or compartmentalization of soil.

  • LiveRoof systems offer the pre-vegetation of carpet or sod-like green roof systems but with a broader plant palette and without the need for excessive watering and maintenance required by these mat systems (for establishment)


Green roofs offer many benefits both to the public and to the private owner.  They retain stormwater, improving local waterways and reducing stormwater utilities.  They can also reduce energy costs required for air conditioning as they cool roofs.  They reduce exposure and temperature fluctuations on roofing membranes, allowing for extended roof life (2-3 times the life of most exposed membranes).  Planted rooftops recreate habitat displaced by construction.  They are beautiful, and views of green roofs can improve social and mental health, employee retention rates, patient recovery rates, and they can increase desirability of space that is leased or sold.  Green roofs are the hallmarks of green buildings – highly visible commitments to sustainability which improves employee, resident and/or customer perception.


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