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Live at Westchester Magazine | Today Media HQ Westchester Home & Owens Corning Present

May 15, 2019

AeroBarrier: Outperform Spray Foam @ 5:15pm  & Future of Energy in Buildings - Moving to Zero @ 6pm

Live at Greenwich Window Treatments, Westchester Home and Zehnder America Present

April 16, 2019

Planning Ahead for the Con Ed Natural Gas Moratorium: What is The Best Fuel Choice for Your Project? Presented by Jill Walsh


Whole-House Ventilation Systems: Providing Healthy, Comfortable, & Energy Efficient Solutions Presented by John Rockwell

March 13, 2019

Live at Majestic Kitchen & Baths with Westchester Home and Frank Webb Home present a Double Feature

Planning Ahead for the Con Ed Natural Gas Moratorium: What is The Best Fuel Choice for Your Project? @ 5pm 

An Hour with Erika Krieger: Everything New in Codes 2019 @ 6pm

Enhancing your design with awnings and canopies

This course covers a range of informational topics about awnings and canopies.  The following topics are included in the presentation of awnings and canopies respectively: awning benefits, definitions, styles, frames, fabric, attachments, energy efficiency, UV protection, engineering, codes, permits and regulations. 

Understanding Personality Buying Styles and Recognizing Body Language

Course Description: The main objective class is to provide designers with the basic tools to recognize and understand the four buying personalities as well as determine a client's body language to effectively communicate in a selling presentation. We will also present the traits that drive your client's decision-making process. 

Maximizing Glazing Performance With Suspended Coated Films

Course Description: This course explains how suspended coated films can facilitate maximum thermal performance, and how insulating glass with suspended coated films create real design flexibility. The course begins with detailing basic glazing technology and ends with profiles of specific projects that feature suspended coated films.

Ground-Source vs. Air-Source Heat Pumps

Course Description: For typical residential applications, are ground source heat pumps the way to go or is there a more cost-effective, energy efficient solution?    This session will cover common myths surrounding ground source heat pumps, a look at the newest technologies in air source heat pumps and discuss the cost-effectiveness of one versus the other.

Bird-Friendly Building Design: Identifying Problems, Providing Solutions

Course Description: Birds are potent cultural symbols. They play fundamental roles in ecosystems and habitat regeneration and are important natural controls for insects. Hundreds of millions are killed yearly by colliding with glass in the US alone. Birds cannot see glass, striking it as they fly towards reflections of clouds, sky and vegetation or as they approach real habitat seen through glass. Birds collide with glass on structures of every size, from shacks to skyscrapers, in urban, suburban and rural area. Advances in technology are increasing use of glass curtain walls and other large glass features, increasing the rate of mortality.

Make It Tight: Building Enclosure Airtightness Training

Course Description: Join us for our upcoming event on the importance of building enclosure air-tightness and how to achieve it. Attendees will gain detailed knowledge about theory and practice regarding air barrier benefits, design, materials, application, and testing standards. 


Space is Limited to (35) participants.

Click here to register. 


Course Fee: $100 Course Fee

The Benefits of Reclaimed and Specialty Wood

Course Description: This course will provide a brief review of the evolution of Reclaimed & Specialty building materials. After completing this course, architects, designers, and installers will be familiar with the origins and evolution of the practice and will be familiar with common specifying, sourcing, milling, and installation challenges.



Stuffed Cavities: An Unbiased View on Insulation

Course Description: Arguably, selecting insulation is one of the most important decisions when designing a building assembly because of the many benefits these products provide in terms of service life, building durability and energy efficiency. This presentation explores the characteristics, advantages and cautions of the primary insulation for residential building assemblies (walls, roofs, and foundations), and then considers the installation methodologies that will optimize the building's energy efficiency. Come hear an unbiased view on insulation. 

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