Quaker Ridge Golf Club Clubhouse & Pro Shop

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Scarsdale, NY


Murphy Brothers Contracting


Kenneth Nadler Architects

Interior Designer

Doulas Graneto Design


Project Scope
• Clubhouse: (1st fl. dining room, pub room, kitchen + 2nd fl. modified women’s locker room, gym) + cover patio/outdoor dining = 17,000 sf
• Pro Shop: (1st floor + 2nd Floor) = 11,000 SF

History & Challenge
The existing 1920’s main building is a beautiful design in the Tudor style, notable as an upscale country club. Situated on a hill rise that creates an impressive approach, the design team wanted to enhance this aspect of the project with the new additions while maintaining this impressive view. The significant challenge was to create additions, renovations, alterations, and upgrades to a historic structure in a manner that would seem “as if it has always been there for the last 100 years”.

Main Clubhouse
A new dining terrace overlooking the putting green is part of the approach to the main building. The terrace has a moving fabric roof set into a wooden structure in historical detail. Thus, on a sunny day, the roof fabric retracts, and if too sunny or raining, it projects over the terrace, providing both cover and shade.

Just behind the terrace is the main dining room. Its ceiling height was raised to create a more elegant and proportionate setting. The dining room has two 75-foot-long moving glass walls designed to allow the outdoor dining terrace to expand when desired. At the same time, the second moving wall allows the main dining room to expand or contract as demand requires. This allows the space to never feel “cavernous” or half full, no matter the occupancy load. The decoration of this space, using banquettes and consoles along its length, also creates a warm and inviting environment without feeling like a sea of tables, able to accommodate multiple purposes. Enhancing the room’s design is a historic pattern ceiling design with a custom carpet that reflects the ceiling.

The new main kitchen has doubled in size to accommodate the expanded dining facilities, the new outdoor terraces, and the new Pub.

The Pub is a new space with a high ceiling and large hanging light fixtures. The walls are sound insulated to allow the dining and bar space to be a comfortable experience where one can easily engage in conversation. The detailing is in the historic Tudor fashion of the original building. Warm woods and rich fabrics and colors maintain the feel of an old pub.
Directly behind the Pub and Main dining room is a new trophy hall that connects directly to the main club entrance.

The second-floor renovated space includes the ladies locker room, a new exercise room, and other staff office space.

All the interior spaces were proportioned and detailed in the historical manner of the original club building. Materials and fixtures were chosen to look like they belong in a traditional space with a Tudor feel.

The Pro Shop
A new two-story sports building was designed to include such elements as original detailing to mirror the Main Clubhouse.

The first floor has a pro shop, golf bag storage room, and three golf simulators designed to be used year-round. The hitting bay walls open in warm weather, and one can hit golf balls down range. The second floor contains three more simulators and a bar and party space. This space has a more contemporary, fresh interior décor to fit in with the modern hitting bays and virtual putting green. In addition, there is a billiard table and seating throughout, providing a satisfying experience for every golf enthusiast.

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